28 Ağustos 2011 Pazar

A Philosophy of Teaching

Each person may have own philosophy related to his/her job. As I am a teacher (not now but in the future) normally I have my philosophy, too. I know that there are many hidden aspects of being a teacher. Being a primary school teacher means noise in the class & phone calls in the home, documenting every move you make, and accountability.
Although these aspects may become overwhelming and stressful, there are so many aspects of being a teacher that are more refreshing. Being a teacher means being a mentor to someone who desperately needs a mentor. Being a teacher means providing love and understanding to someone who may not receive it at home. Being a teacher means taking care of someone who is hurt or just being there to talk to. Being a teacher means teaching students to be a success in life. Being a teacher means teaching students new information and being responsible for their future.

Today’s children are tomorrow’s future and a good teacher is a part of the base that supports that future. Being a good teacher means making a difference in children’s lives. In today’s high – tech lifestyle it is sometimes difficult to keep kids’ attention in the classroom. Learning needs to be fun and hands on as much as possible in order to keep the children interested and eager to learn. If students are taught in a way that they will remember, then in the future they will be able to put this knowledge to use in different situations. There are many other occupations out. But I don’t feel that there are any other occupations that can be as rewarding as teaching children. Knowing that I am an influence with these children and their future is the best possible reward.

With love..

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